Prestigious venues in Brussels

The Human Library. A dual life path and the ritual of accomplishment

Starting on June 18th 2017 Edificio is setting up an intimate cycle of conferences, placed in the Bibliothèque Solvay, with the aim to introduce to a curious public, in an intimate way, visionary distinguished persons.

Edificio will welcome inspiring personalities who are willing to tell about their personal path and driving forces. The current challenges they face in pursuing their vision of life, considered more a way of living and participating in the society than just a simple work.

During an hour and a half debate, on Sundays afternoon, each guest-speaker will present himself and his mission to the public, drive them through his personal path, explaining his believes, approach, vision and inner forces.
These conferences are strongly focused on the human aspect of each guest. The aim is to present this personalities as a book.
For 45 minutes the audience will browse the speakers.
The process starts from discovering the Human side behind his achievements/works/creations. We pursue in creating curiosity to create inspiration for the public.

Program :

14:30 : Welcome
15:00 : Pr. Pierre Klees - Honorary Professor of the ULB (Free University of Brussels), Chief Executive Officer of Brussels International Airport and author of freemasonry essays
15:45 : Dr. Mariano Bizzarri - Head of the Interdepartmental Systems Biology Center,  President of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Space Agency in 2011, and author of traditional and esoteric essays on freemasonry.
16:30 : Questions & Answers.
17:00 - 19:00:  "Parzifal" - Vernissage of Dr. Elio Casalino, painter and notary.




Elio Casalino is a notary who uses the night to be an artist, to be face to face with his paintings, himself and his conscience revealed for a dialogue with his ghosts, shadows, memories, ideas, priorities, urgency of a theme to deal with and waver.

The painting is transformed into the night stage of a lyrical song, a shivering cry or a flight into the world of Eros, a dramatic twist of bodies, or a game of carnival appearances.

His work has night and ghostly atmospheres, the lights shine artificial notes that exalt the bodies in the cavernous darkness.
Mr. Casalino paints at night, with the night, inside the soul of the night: absorbs the baroque roots of a Rome that in the dark shows its true appearance.

Edificio is pleased to welcome Dr. Elio Casalino at Bibliothèque Solvay from 18/06/2017 to 18/07/2017